Keeping Our Balance: an Equinox Offering

I suffer from vertigo. Periodically without warning, I have an attack. When that happens, my consciousness shrinks to the universe of my body as I wait to regain some sense of balance. Sometimes I take motion sickness pills or do prescribed exercises, and sometimes I just have to sleep it off. The cause of my vertigo is an imbalance between …

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Thoughts on Memorial Day

My life has been deeply marked by war. Scarred and also touched in tender ways. It began before I was born, when my Grandpere, a Colonel in the Army, commanded an infantry unit in World War I. I have read a diary he kept, knowing the writing merely scratches the surface. Grandpere gave witness to the fact that warriors can …

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Unexpected Gifts

There is so much on my heart and mind, not having written here for many months now. I’ve been “down the rabbit hole” with a parade of physical ailments that flattened me, caused me to cancel a number of events I had looked forward to greatly, and to admit that I felt utterly helpless and empty of explanations or solutions. …

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