A Twelve-Step Program to Break the Trance

When I was preparing to teach a seminar on Nourishing our Sense of Self, of course I wanted to feel my own Self in all her magnificence! I wanted to feel radiant, enlightened, and certain of what to offer.  Instead I was filled with an unnamed and unwelcome sadness, an emptiness, a not knowing, a forgetting, and a disorientation. On …

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Solstice images

Desert Solstice Golden grasses, brittle branches breaking underfoot, hidden water, last leaves gripping black mesquites. In this desert things are dying. Quail bedded down burst forth as I pass. Surprising red plants flow along the wash. The thrill of my own breath moves faster, echoing the rising wind. In this desert something new is coming. Cells fall away in me, …

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Teeter totter

Ever been on a seesaw? I’m not just talking about when you were little. How about in a relationship where one minute you’re up and the next you’re oh-so-down? How about in our economy where a couple of years ago you were way up there on Easy Street and now you’re wondering if you could end up down on Skid …

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