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Sand Spirit Insight card #31

Sand Spirit Insight card #31

Perhaps you’ve seen my Sand Spirit Insight Cards.  I thought I’d do a little free teaching about how they work by posting some of my own experiences.  So here’s the card I drew today and the little story of what it says to me.

Today I’m sick, and I’m also sick of being sick!  I’ve had a problem for over a year with getting over viruses that stick like a quicksand that pulls me down.  I’m not into laying low for another couple of months, even though I’m trying to be patient. So I asked the Sand Spirits for some advice.

This card #31 is an image I photographed horizontally;  that is, the way I’ve always viewed this card is the view that would be rotated 90 degrees. Since this software is still new to me, I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the image. So, let’s work with what seems to be firmly in place, even though I don’t want to see it that way!

When viewed in my “normal” way, I’ve always seen an eye with a tear falling from it. Sometimes that is a gentle hint to accept grief that I may be not willing to feel. That’s what I thought was up here when I first picked the card.

Now that I can’t turn it, and am forced to look at it “through a different lens,” (serves me right, I suppose) I see a seed.  The stone that was formerly the iris of the eye is now a seed planted in the earth (or planted within me, perhaps) that seems to be radiating energy out into the ground that is containing it. A drop of water (which I suppose could also be a tear) is penetrating its space, bringing it nourishment.

Hmmm. So there is a seed within you, Pam, the Sand Spirit says. And it is radiating energy into the very ground of your being, even though all that is invisible to you. And, this is a time for that seed to receive nourishment. It needs the “water” of pure emotion, the moisture and juiciness of Spirit. So don’t be dry and brittle just now. See if you can keep the soil, the ground within you moist and receptive.  The seed will appreciate it. And by the way, the seed is YOU!  The seed is your essence, which is after all, what you are wanting to bring out from within.

The important question is, what do YOU see? You may see something completely different in this image. If so, what is the form or figure and what is its message? I’d love to hear from you!

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